DNA Spooling Lab at AES

Electrophoresis/DNA study at AES

Students taking a break from birding at the Fort Island Beach Pier

Executive Internship Program/ Baseline bird counts
in local hammock with local Audubon members

Locating GPS coordinates/Creating vector maps in AES hammock

Students building/installing herpes trap

Birding at Fort Island Beach Pier

Spring 2008 Executive Internship Students in the field

Student Internships with CAMA

Student Internships with CAMA

Frog hangin' in the sawgrass

Seniors beginning a Genetics Transformation Lab at UF

Julie Bokor (UF) reviewing genetics procedures prior to lab

Calibrating pipettes in lab

Pipetting in transfomation lab

Loading the electrophoresis gel plates (DNA)

More lab work...

Anxiously awaiting results

Explanation of electrophoresis lab results (with cutting
edge technology - clearly visable for easy comparison)

Our results (visible DNA bands after electrophoresis lab)

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