What is the Academy of Environmental Science?
  • The academy is a public charter school and does not have a tuition. The academy has 5 teachers and a maximum student body size of 78.
Where is the academy located?
  • The academy is located 3 miles east of the Fort Island Gulf Beach on Fort Island Trail in Crystal River across the bridge from the county´s Marine Science Station.
Who should attend the academy?
  • Refer to the "Environmental Careers" page
Who is eligible to attend the academy?
  • Students who are interested in science and have a 2.0 or higher in both science and English and who have passed an academy review of their discipline and attendance.
What is the application procedure?
  • Students can apply online at this web site or they can pick up an application in the guidance department, complete the application, give your most recent math, English and science teachers the proper recommendation form to fill out and return to you, and complete the diagnostic writing sample. Or contact the academy to obtain an application.
  • Either mail the completed application by U.S. mail or by county mail to the Academy of Environmental Science.
  • You can apply at any time to the academy. You will be notified of your acceptance status.
  • During the summer, complete the application and writing sample and mail it to the academy by U.S. mail. Fill out the top portion of the teacher recommendation forms and put them in the teacheršs mailboxes requesting that they complete and send them to the academy as soon as possible.
How do students get to and from the academy?
  • Crystal River and Lecanto students meet the academy shuttle after the high school buses arrive at approximately 7:40 AM. The shuttle takes them to the academy and returns them to the high school at the end of the school day in time to meet their bus for home.
  • Citrus students meet the Health Academy bus at 6:45 AM which will take them to Crystal River High where they will board the shuttle bus to the academy. They will return to Citrus on the Health Academy bus. Or they can meet the academy shuttle at Lecanto or Crystal River by driving to either school. They can obtain a parking permit from that school. Some students will also be eligible for an academy parking permit.
Can students participate in activities at their high school?
  • Yes. Students are returned to the school in time to participate in after school activities.
Can students attend the academy for more than one term?
  • Yes. We encourage students to attend the academy for three years because each year builds upon the previous year.
Does it matter which term a student attends?
  • That depends on when other required courses are offered. The same activities occur during the fall and spring terms.
Is lunch provided?
  • School lunch can be purchased or you can bring your own. The academy is also part of the free and reduced lunch program.

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