testing the quality of the Salt River

the marine science students prepare for their
fishing trip

canoeing throug the salt marsh

Lindsay and Megan use their seining skills to collect
marine life

students participate in the annual
Coasltal Clean-up Day

students collect important data

identifying local fish populations

Nicole and Maria analyze their collected data

Megan shows off her seatrout caught on her
homemade lure

AES displays water quality information at the
National Wildlife Refuge Week

Inverness Primary learns the lessons of Dr. Seuss

marine science students display a collected sponge

hard at work at Busch Gardens

students encounter friendly manatees

students teach primary students in
Dr. Seuss costumes

Forest Ridge Elementary students learn all
about nutrition

Jesse befriends a spiny boxfish

Christina, Crysta, and Sam perform a chemistry

Kansas Alexander leads her team to a second place in
forestry at the state envirothon

Team "SpongeBob" at the state Envirothon

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