Are You.....

  • interested in the natural environment and the related sciences?
  • committed to your education and interested in getting a head-start on your career?
  • interested in gaining first-hand experience by working with environmental professionals?
  • a student who enjoys hands-on labs, outdoor research and field experiences?
  • maintaining a 2.5 or higher in all your core courses?
If you answered yes to the above questions, then the academy is right for you.

Grade 10

English II Regular (1001340) or Honors (1001350)
Chemistry I Regular (2003340) or Honors (2003350)
Biology II (2000330)
Science Research III (1700320)

The Academy has been a great place to learn. This year
has been one of my best years.   Joann Bonano

The Academy is the best school ever!    Stefanie Ramos

It really opens your eyes to how wondrous the world really is.
The Academy is the way that school was meant to be.    Tom Williford

Grade 11

English III Regular (1001370) or Honors (1001380)
Anatomy & Physiology Regular (2000350) or Honors (2000360)
Marine Science Regular (2002500) or Honors (2002510)
Science Research IV (1700330)

The Academy makes learning fun and education come alive.
Laura Steepleton

The Academy is a great school, a great learning place,
and the teachers are very helpful.    Christine Adamson

The Academy is a great place to meet people from all over
the country who enjoy learning.    Tara Peterson

Grade 12

English IV Regular (1001400) or Honors (1001410)
Ecology (2000380)
Journalism I (1006300) or Florida High School Class or
Multimedia Production (1100340)
Science Research V / Internship (1700340)

The Academy was a delightful surprise in my junior year,
and now that I am a senior, I have gained an experience
that has made me a better student and prepared me for college.
Bianca Maura

I have enjoyed the Academy and learned a lot of new things
and had a chance to participate in many different activities
to further my education.    Kyle Pratt

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